How To Create And Add Menu

Here are step by step procedure to create and add menus.

  1. Please login to your Hadstar dashboard
  2. Click appearance on the left dashboard menu
  3. Then select “menu”
  4. Select page or post that you have created and drag to add it to the menu.
  5. Click add to menu.
  6. Please click save button to completing the steps.

Please check your beautiful website to make sure your menu displayed completely.

How to change your logo website

Here are the steps you should take to the logo of your website.

  1. Select the appearance that resides on the left side of the dashboard
  2. Then click Customize.
  3. Select the header, then the logo header
  4. Change the logo type to image
  5. Upload Your Logo file
  6. Last click Published.

Well, to make sure your logo appears you can directly check on the front page of your website.

How to Change Hadstar Password

Here’s how to replace your new password.

  1. First, go to the hadstar.com page.
  2. Select Account-My account.
  3. Then select “Lost your password”.
  4. Fill your registered email on the Hadstar.
  5. Then do not forget the content and answer to human verification questions.
  6. Check your email, click the link.
  7. Fill in your new password.
  8. Done and please log in again.

If you have trouble please contact Hadstar.

How to Setting Cloudflare to Domain

CloudFlare is an internet company that, among other things, helps to provide SSL connection for free access to your website. There are five ways of setting domains to CloudFlare as follows.

1. Cloudflare Account Recgitrasi

How to Setting CloudFlare

Register first. Go to the cloudflare page and then create a CloudFlare account by filling in your email address and password and then click Create Account.

2. Add Website address (domain)

How to Setting CloudFlare

This second CloudFlare setting you can enter the domain name of your website. Then click Add Site.

3. Select Service Pack

This stage of the best option for beginners is to choose a free package from CloudFlare. This package is enough to help your website.

4. Change THE DNS of your Domain

Next, change your servername according to the nameservers that appear when you register for CloudFlare. The way you get into the client area where you buy the domain.

(If you buy through far.id please login to client member and then settings through DNS Management).

5. Next click the Re-check Now button

Next, you click the re-check now button to accelerate your website to be registered with CloudFlare network.

Well that is the five steps to setting Cloudflaremu to your website domain. For further inquiries please contact us by email at [email protected] and see other tutorials here.

Facebook Pixel free WordPress Plugin for Hadstar users

Facebook Pixel Free WordPress plugin is a facility in Hadstar to install JavaScript code available on the advertising platform Fb Advertisements will be integrated with the Web site made using the Hadstar platform that serves as Data recorder from site visitors traffic that occurs on the page.

Referring to the documentation, FB Pixel has the same working ways as site stats or other on-line tracker, such as Histats, Google Analytics, Sitemeter as well as others. The difference is that FB Pixel is used not only to record the information of visits only, but also as “raw materials” in building a custom Web site, one of the most highly effective audience types on Fb.

In principle, by placing a FB Pixel on a site website, then we do not waste a visit. Every customer who enters the Web site, either through organic or paid advertisements (also FB advertisements) will be Direcord or gathered to form a special audience.

The Audience is called ‘ special ‘ because they have visited the site/landingpage website we have. That is to say, those people at least have a common interest and attraction to contain that we have, compared to other viewers types that are chosen by random.

To integrate with Hadstar, the necessary ways are very easy. There’s a premium plugin available that you can use to make your FB pixel install. Will install FB Pixel, follow the easy way together:

Method of activating Fb Pixel in Hadstar

After you get the Fb pixel code, the following step is to install on your website. Will install, please go to the menu Apperance-Customize, then Select the CodeHead Code menu-then paste the code in the available type. After finishing, please click on Publish.

Methods of activating Pixel event tracking in the Hadstar Professional Plugin

If you have used a professional account, the pros of using WordPress plugins that have been in-built this is you do not need to install your Fb Pixel code. You simply input your ID and then automatically the Fb Pixel code is installed with itself.

Not only that, many very powerful options will be but flexible in order to obtain or sharpen tracking on your Web site. Starting from tracking search results, tracking how consumer presses buttons, even user registrations or interacting via comments.

Method of viewing visit details

After you have finished the installation of FB pixel, you can check if your pixelis installed or not yet by using the Google Chrome extension “Check Fb Pixel”.

Hadstar Check Facebook pixel

Not only that, you can see the details of your visit by logging in on your Facebookmu and see if there are already any data that reads from your website by Facebook

Well, that is easiest way to install Facebook Pixel for your site. Very easy is not it? Good luck.

Yoast SEO Free Premium Plugin


Yoast SEO Free Premium Plugin is now available for consumers of Hadstar professionals. But, before we continue, did you understand if it was search engine marketing?

Not common people realize that in writing a writing in digital media requires search engine marketing. But there are many people who understand what is search engine marketing and also why should use search engine marketing. Search Engine Optimization is a way to trigger a site or a weblog at the level of visibility of the search engine. Easy explanation, search engine marketing will trigger an Internet site to get into the forefront of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Why use search engine optimization?

Search Engine optimization has an advantage that really impact on an internet site, especially on the site of the company that sells products and services. Along with other words, search engine marketing will loosen your web site found in search page.

1. Buyers dig information through search engines

Nowadays, the user will be more commonplace, so people who use the search engine (example: Google) to explore the products or services you offer on your Web site. Using search engine marketing for your web site will minimize the loss of potential users from the Web. That’s because the links that point to your site are on the priority page of the search engine.

2. Improve Marketing

If the company site you are using a good search engine marketing is also accurate, then the search engine will direct the user to enter the site of your company. Prospective users who visit this may mean those who are ready to buy.

3.Customers who dig you, no other on the other side

Maybe you think that the trick of selling in conventional media let alone the sales through the media have triggered your business is quite well known, but try you think again. In today’s digital age, prospective users are pleased to utilize the web in order to dig up the information they want, as well as the Web site that you have so may also relate to what prospective users are looking for. Prospective users who dig information through Intermet media tend to be interested in the Web site that is on the first page of search engines, because it forms one of the benchmarks that the company and your business is quite famous so too can Trusted. Well, this is where search engine marketing plays a role in increasing the ranking of your Web site in search engines.

4.Saves duration

Together with search engine marketing, according to the automated site visitors Web site you will increase along with the number of search posts and information made as well as appear on the top page search. Of course you do not need to be tired of spending the period of time to recommend your Web site to conventional media and let alone social media

5. Has its own reputation

The web site is really crowded visitors of the search results are definitely web address that site will be remembered for visitors. Because almost every search, the Web site appears so that people will assume that your Web site is really quality because Google and other search engines advise your Web site to visitors. So that branding came as well as increased ranking on your Web site

How to guide the automatic search engine optimization in Hadstar

Yoast SEO Premium Hadstar

As you type posts in the post, scroll down to find your free Yoast search engine Optimization Premium plugin. In Snippet Preview, you’ll find a view in what way people will see your web site from search engines.

Next, in the Readability Evaluation Section, you will find recommendations in what way your weblog should have been written. Besides you can specify the keywords you want, you can also follow the guidelines given by YOAST. But don’t confuse it, because you can see if you’ve been accurate or haven’t followed that guide just by looking at the Green smiley icon. If it is colored in addition to green, then there is still part of the section that you can optimize again.

So, doing search engine optimization optimization is not another thing that is hard anymore for consumers Hadstar Professional. Because this free premium plugin of Yoast search engine optimization has been available by default for you. Good luck.

Search and add website images without uploading

Finding and adding a website image needs some process that is sometimes winding. From the start of the photo session itself, find the right talent, make-up, lighting, to the photographer. After that, faced with the post-editing process to get maximum results and as expected.

Sometimes, that’s not enough, when your hard-to-create photos are uploaded to your website, the photos you upload make your website score ugly, since you don’t do any optimizations when uploading your images into Your website.

If you’re using Hadstar, there’s an easy way to search for the photos you need for your website, whether it’s for your article needs, your landing page needs, your news post needs, etc. All you need to do is search for the right photo, one simple click, and then your photos will be added to the media.

Two ways to use the free stock photo Hadstar

There are two ways of using a free photo snoof from Hadstar, i.e. from the media and the second way is from the post directly. For how to add images from the media, it’s easy to follow the easy steps below.

1. From your media gallery

To add photos from your media gallery, you just need to choose from the instant Images menu available. The next step is to enter the keyword you want, the keyword here is adjusted to the image or topic that relates to the photo you are looking for. After that, just click on the photo you want, the photo will be available in your media gallery for later use and add it to your website

2. From the Post

The second way is from the post menu. Where when you’re writing news or articles, images can be added instantly and can be edited either in size or by using the available editor.

To add an image from the post directly, the way is to click the lightning-shaped icon, then the same as the first step, enter the keywords you would expect according to the topic of the article you are writing. After that, select the image you expect by clicking the + (Plus)on the image you selected, and the image will automatically go directly into your article, you just have to change the composition and the layout adapts to Your article.

The image you choose will be automatically optimized by the system, so your website performance will automatically be maintained. So, there is no doubt, your choice is very precise, because Hadstar.com is the fastest website to make the most out of Indonesia.

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