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Hadstar.com becoming Sitemaya.com

Hadstar.com will be retired on 31 Dec 2021.  Please register your free site on https://sitemaya.com

Build your professional websites in minutes

Hadstar is a new way that helps you build your professional beautiful website just in minutes. As managed free WordPress hosting, free domain included, complete with the free premium plugin and free templates, and also powerful cloud server plus worldwide free CDN for your WordPress hosting, start your website now!

Managed WordPress Hosting Features :

Free domain (subdomain ready)
Free Designer Templates
Free Premium Plugins
Up to 50x faster page load
lovely wordpress hosting hadstar.com


Thousand of peoples already loves us. Get online instantly with full of features. Get your star using Hadstar.

Managed Cloud

Powered by AWS, designed to ensure that Your WordPress websites load faster than on traditional hosting services

Worldwide CDN

Our CDN service will help your site load up to 200% faster by delivering your content from servers closest to your visitors

Your Own Domain

You can use your existing domain or buy new domain from anywhere.

Premium Support

Direct support via your dashboard, our experts will actually resolve your problem as soon as possible

Ads Free

Not containing any advertising on paid plans

Premium Plugins

Built-in selected premium WordPress plugins that come with additional features to support your website needs

Premium Templates

Hundreds of premium design for your site that is easily customizable and yet feature rich and trendy looking

Drag n Drop Builder

No need to write code or learn a single command in CSS. All you have to do is select a basic layout (or theme), and drag pre-set elements to where you want them on each page

Free Designer Templates

Build your website with professionally designed, ready to use page and row template.


4 different packages with different affordable subscription payment terms. Select plans that work for your business


  • 1GB Media Space
  • Drag n drop builder
  • Free domain + SSL
  • Basic Template
  • AMP Support


$0.95 Monthly
$10 Yearly
  • 5GB Media Space
  • Drag n drop builder
  • Free domain + SSL
  • Premium Template
  • AMP Support


$9.5 $0.01 HOT PROMO
$90 Yearly
  • 50GB Media Space
  • Drag n drop builder
  • Free domain + SSL
  • Premium Template
  • AMP Support
  • Custom Domain
  • Premium SEO
  • Instant Images
  • Premium Support
  • Pixel & Tag Integration
  • Custom Email Sender
  • Ads Pro
  • Popup & Leads Builder
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • Social Media Share

Start and grow
your online business

Hadstar provide platform that creating website and manage their online business is possible for everyone. With complete feature and powerful module, build your website, capture your leads, and build your customer relationship without effort, right from your website.


- Is there any free site ?

Yes, you can have your website for free. Please check the free site plan by choosing a basic plan, once you completing the order form, your free site will be activated automatically.

- What kind of websites supported?

Any kind of website supported by WordPress will be also supported in Hadstar. From a simple blog website, landing web page, opt-in page, ads website, website company profile, online shop presence, business page, contact form page, product launch page, photography website, restaurant web page, and many more. And the best is you can create a website for free.

- Is it easy to create website?

Yes, with different way to create your website, even from scratch. Need fast? You can use designer template and personalize it. You can create your website just in minutes.

- Can I create website without knowing how to code ?

Yes, with Hadstar drag n drop builder, you can create your website without need to know about HTML code, CSS, etc.

- Should I hire website developer?

No, you can use our builder to create your website. But you still possible to hire website developer to do more advance development using Hadstar.

- How do I create free website without custom domain?

Just select basic package, complete your signup, and your account will be instantly activated. No credit card needed.

- How do I host my site for free?

Webhosting is not needed anymore if you use Hadstar, since webhosting+domain+ssl+managed WordPress hosting service already included in Hadstar. You can use Hadstar to create your free internet website.

- What platform do you use ?

Hadstar.com is managed WordPress hosting, which uses WordPress as the main platform and integrate with the best premium themes and plugins. That's why Hadstar.com is the best free WordPress Hosting.

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