This brief outline is to aid your understanding of Hadstar.com Terms of Service. The complete Terms of Service you will be bound to are below.

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    Data Registration

    Every Hadstar user must fill registration with valid data.

    Payment Procedures

    Payment channel via Bank Transfer or Paypal Transfer listed on the payment confirmation page.

    Payment must be according to the listed nominal order on the invoice after being taxed. If it found that the Hadstar user does not make the payment according to the invoice and the amount read by the system as another customer's invoice payment, then Hadstar has the right not to provide compensation in any form.

    Service Activation Period

    Hadstar will activate service max 3 (three) days after receiving a valid payment and following the provisions outlined in Article 1, Paragraph 1.

    Changes in Data Ownership

    Hadstar only changes to the ownership data of Hadstar if it gets a request from an email registered in the member area with valid supporting documents of ownership & the same customer identity as those expressed in the member area. Hadstar has the right to refuse ownership transfer requests without any reason.

    Service Validity

    The service validity period in accordance with the period chosen at the time of payment. Hadstar will send the bill to the contact email registered with the system a few days before the bill is due. Services that expire will be subject to temporary service termination a few days after payment is due, and we reserve the right to delete the service without any obligation to make backups.

    Service Assistance

    Hadstar will provide support services to paid users through tickets. As for some assistance that not included support, including:
    Modifying or redesigning the appearance of the user's website.
    Activating and managing Cloudflare and DNS.
    Domain configuration with the Hadstar platform.
    File settings from users.


    Hadstar Services

    The primary service of Hadstar provides a platform to help each user to create websites quickly through the Hadstar website builder. The Hadstar service package includes a free subdomain using the primary domain of Hadstar.com. Service packages divided into the starter, pro, and store packages.

    Hadstar Website Content and Landing Page

    All website content and landing pages on the Hadstar service must not violate the laws and regulations. Hadstar only provides a website builder platform and is not responsible for any content. Therefore, Hadstar is independent of all forms of lawsuits that apply to the personal content of Hadstar users if there is evidence of violations of any kind.


    Users need to independent backup data. An export menu is available to help users backup continuously.

    Regarding Hadstar Content Violations

    Every violation of the display or use of the content, Hadstar has the right to edit the content to stop the violation activities without having to ask permission of the account owner, which is then accompanied by email notification to the account owner.


    Regarding the Procedure for Extension of Service

    Hadstar users must pay service fees, the amount agreed between the user and Hadstar following the registration form that filled in at the beginning of the service order. The payment system refers to Article 1, Paragraph 2 of this service rule. Hadstar users must make payments on time according to the specified date. After the payment due date stated on the Hadstar user bill has not made a payment, then the service will be terminated, and the data will permanently delete without further notice. Billing information is informed via email, if the bill is not up to or not read by Hadstar users, and for example, because (but not limited to) full mailboxes, e-mail is no longer active. Hadstar is not responsible, and this does not eliminate Hadstar users' obligations to pay their bills.

    Regarding Service Termination

    Cancellation of the service used by users at Hadstar is an automatic service. Hadstar required an application for cancellation via Written Request Letter through a Support Ticket in the Portal of the Hadstar Member area, No later than 8 days before the service Ends subscription, If this request is not made, Hadstar will be charged Full subscription fees according to the services hired and the Customer. All Hadstar data from services that have been terminated for rent will be terminated for security and privacy reasons, unless necessary for legal action.

    Upgrade & Downgrade

    Hadstar users can upgrade the service package at any time as long as the packaging used is still active. The upgrade fee calculation is the cost of the previous package to be paid according to the month of the package termination period. Then the upgrade package fee will be charged since the last package termination done.

    Hadstar users can also downgrade the service package at any time as long as the package used is still active. The downgrade fee calculation is the cost of the previous package to be paid according to the month of the package termination period. Then the downgrade package fee will be charged from the time the package was stopped.


    If a Hadstar user commits an offense or uses a website for an activity that is harmful to certain parties, so the Hadstar will suspend the temporary service (delay) and will be notified to users via email, if the same violation still occurs after being warned, the account will be subject to permanent termination.


    Force majeure a state that is beyond ability. For example, natural disasters, floods, storms, which are declared by the Government as natural disasters, riots, fires, sabotage, warfare, epidemics, and compliance with the implementation of legislation. Excluding force majeure, matters caused by negligence, carelessness, and non-compliance with the implementation of regulations. If we experience force majeure, then we will notify via registered member email or Announcement immediately after experiencing effect Majeure no later than 7 (seven) days after the force majeure occurs by providing an explanation and estimates of the resumption of the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement


    Changes to the Terms of Service

    Hadstar has the right to make changes to these service rules either in part or in whole without notice to Hadstar users.


    For any reason, Hadstar is not responsible for all losses directly or indirectly, incidentally, or other similar losses for damages due to loss of income or actual benefits expected by Hadstar or the demands of different parties due to disconnection of services from Hadstar.

    Supports legal institutions

    Hadstar has the right to support authorized legal institutions by providing necessary information if there is a lawful based request from an accredited legal institution without prior notice to Hadstar users. Hadstar fully supports the activities of authorized and valid legal institutions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.


    The rules and conditions service made to create cooperation and good relations between Hadstar and the users. Thank you for using the services of Hadstar.