Search and add website images without uploading

Search and add website images without uploading

Finding and adding a website image needs some process that is sometimes winding. From the start of the photo session itself, find the right talent, make-up, lighting, to the photographer. After that, faced with the post-editing process to get maximum results and as expected.

Sometimes, that’s not enough, when your hard-to-create photos are uploaded to your website, the photos you upload make your website score ugly, since you don’t do any optimizations when uploading your images into Your website.

If you’re using Hadstar, there’s an easy way to search for the photos you need for your website, whether it’s for your article needs, your landing page needs, your news post needs, etc. All you need to do is search for the right photo, one simple click, and then your photos will be added to the media.

Two ways to use the free stock photo Hadstar

There are two ways of using a free photo snoof from Hadstar, i.e. from the media and the second way is from the post directly. For how to add images from the media, it’s easy to follow the easy steps below.

1. From your media gallery

To add photos from your media gallery, you just need to choose from the instant Images menu available. The next step is to enter the keyword you want, the keyword here is adjusted to the image or topic that relates to the photo you are looking for. After that, just click on the photo you want, the photo will be available in your media gallery for later use and add it to your website

2. From the Post

The second way is from the post menu. Where when you’re writing news or articles, images can be added instantly and can be edited either in size or by using the available editor.

To add an image from the post directly, the way is to click the lightning-shaped icon, then the same as the first step, enter the keywords you would expect according to the topic of the article you are writing. After that, select the image you expect by clicking the + (Plus)on the image you selected, and the image will automatically go directly into your article, you just have to change the composition and the layout adapts to Your article.

The image you choose will be automatically optimized by the system, so your website performance will automatically be maintained. So, there is no doubt, your choice is very precise, because is the fastest website to make the most out of Indonesia.