How to build a website
Free, Fast and Easy

Hadstar provide solutions for creating free, easy and fast websites.
Using Hadstar platform, you can create many websites from school, business company profiles, SMB, clinics, services, notaries, law offices, and more. And with Hadstar, you can create a website in just a few minutes. Without need to understand advanced programming language, server setup, or design. Everything ready to use with small amount of drag n drop.

Your Free Website Specifications

Have a professional website to support your business


Big Capacity

Get free 1GB of storage that you can use to store your images and other media.


Free ready to use subdomain

With a free subdomain, you don't need to have your own domain name. Your website will be instantly active. But it is possible to add your own domain if you have.


Mobile Friendly

Optimized to all smartphone size, without need to coding again or create separate website.


Unlimited Page

You are free to make the number of web pages according to your needs, without limits.


Free 20 Website Theme

We have prepared hundreds of website themes plus drag n drop builders that you can use.


Unlimited Bandwidth

No matter how many visitors to your website, there is no limit to the amount of traffic that accesses the website.

4 Step To Activate!

Here is how to make a free website


1. Register your Hadstar free account

First, click "Yes I want free website" button here. After that, please click Free Hadstar Account in billing selection menu. Please fill the information needed in registration process. Please enter subdomain and your website name.


2. When registration succeeded. Please check your email for detail information.

Please check your email for any false spam detection. When you don't see our email in your inbox. please check your spam folder, and make sure that you create a filter to correcting this issue.
*Or you can click button report not spam.


3. Your website is ready, you can continue to Hadstar Dashboard.

Your website login name is your website name, or your email address that you're using in the registration process. You can edit your home page by click page menu on the left, and then click star builder to edit the page.

free wordpress addon module

4. Edit your website page, change theme, etc.

Please check your website layout by browse normally. You can edit your home page by click page menu on the left, and then click star builder to edit the page.

Why I need hadstar for my website?

We are understand that creating website is need a lot of money, resource and time. Hadstar created to build website with free and fast also easy

We believe that websites can help every business, organization, individual, group to grow in the era of internet technology. By using Hadstar platform, you can save your money, resource and time.


Premium Website Builder start from $0.01/month

50 GB Storage I custom domain I 200+ theme drag &drop | premium plugins | worldwide CDN | Free subdomain + SSL | Unlimited bandwidth I SEO & Google Analytics I Custom Domain & Mobile Friendly | Popup Builder | WhatsApp Integration | Premium Support | Stock images


Is it really free ?

Yes, it will cost nothing for basic website need. And you will have a beautifull website just in minutes.

I want to use my own domain, is it possible?

Yes, please use custom domain menu on your Hadstar Pro Dashboard.

Can I add more storage space?

Yes, up to 5GB space for your website is possible in Hadstar Pro

How long my website activated?

Your free website will be online automatically as soon as you're completing your sign up process, no need to waiting for dns propagation.

Do I still need to buy hosting?

No, Hadstar is a cloud platform that you can use it. All you need is only content for your website.

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