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Facebook Pixel free WordPress Plugin for Hadstar users

Facebook Pixel Free WordPress plugin is a facility in Hadstar to install JavaScript code available on the advertising platform Fb Advertisements will be integrated with the Web site made using the Hadstar platform that serves as Data recorder from site visitors traffic that occurs on the page.

Referring to the documentation, FB Pixel has the same working ways as site stats or other on-line tracker, such as Histats, Google Analytics, Sitemeter as well as others. The difference is that FB Pixel is used not only to record the information of visits only, but also as “raw materials” in building a custom Web site, one of the most highly effective audience types on Fb.

In principle, by placing a FB Pixel on a site website, then we do not waste a visit. Every customer who enters the Web site, either through organic or paid advertisements (also FB advertisements) will be Direcord or gathered to form a special audience.

The Audience is called ‘ special ‘ because they have visited the site/landingpage website we have. That is to say, those people at least have a common interest and attraction to contain that we have, compared to other viewers types that are chosen by random.

To integrate with Hadstar, the necessary ways are very easy. There’s a premium plugin available that you can use to make your FB pixel install. Will install FB Pixel, follow the easy way together:

Method of activating Fb Pixel in Hadstar

After you get the Fb pixel code, the following step is to install on your website. Will install, please go to the menu Apperance-Customize, then Select the CodeHead Code menu-then paste the code in the available type. After finishing, please click on Publish.

Methods of activating Pixel event tracking in the Hadstar Professional Plugin

If you have used a professional account, the pros of using WordPress plugins that have been in-built this is you do not need to install your Fb Pixel code. You simply input your ID and then automatically the Fb Pixel code is installed with itself.

Not only that, many very powerful options will be but flexible in order to obtain or sharpen tracking on your Web site. Starting from tracking search results, tracking how consumer presses buttons, even user registrations or interacting via comments.

Method of viewing visit details

After you have finished the installation of FB pixel, you can check if your pixelis installed or not yet by using the Google Chrome extension “Check Fb Pixel”.

Not only that, you can see the details of your visit by logging in on your Facebookmu and see if there are already any data that reads from your website by Facebook

Well, that is easiest way to install Facebook Pixel for your site. Very easy is not it? Good luck for your website.

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