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How To Create And Add Menu

Here are step by step procedure to create and add menus.

  1. Please login to your Hadstar dashboard
  2. Click appearance on the left dashboard menu
  3. Then select “menu”
  4. Select page or post that you have created and drag to add it to the menu.
  5. Click add to menu.
  6. Please click save button to completing the steps.

Please check your beautiful website to make sure your menu displayed completely.

How to change your logo website

Here are the steps you should take to the logo of your website.

  1. Select the appearance that resides on the left side of the dashboard
  2. Then click Customize.
  3. Select the header, then the logo header
  4. Change the logo type to image
  5. Upload Your Logo file
  6. Last click Published.

Well, to make sure your logo appears you can directly check on the front page of your website.

How to Change Hadstar Password

Here’s how to replace your new password.

  1. First, go to the page.
  2. Select Account-My account.
  3. Then select “Lost your password”.
  4. Fill your registered email on the Hadstar.
  5. Then do not forget the content and answer to human verification questions.
  6. Check your email, click the link.
  7. Fill in your new password.
  8. Done and please log in again.

If you have trouble please contact Hadstar.

How to Setting Cloudflare to Domain

CloudFlare is an internet company that, among other things, helps to provide SSL connection for free access to your website. There are five ways of setting domains to CloudFlare as follows.

1. Cloudflare Account Recgitrasi

How to Setting CloudFlare

Register first. Go to the cloudflare page and then create a CloudFlare account by filling in your email address and password and then click Create Account.

2. Add Website address (domain)

How to Setting CloudFlare

This second CloudFlare setting you can enter the domain name of your website. Then click Add Site.

3. Select Service Pack

This stage of the best option for beginners is to choose a free package from CloudFlare. This package is enough to help your website.

4. Change THE DNS of your Domain

Next, change your servername according to the nameservers that appear when you register for CloudFlare. The way you get into the client area where you buy the domain.

(If you buy through please login to client member and then settings through DNS Management).

5. Next click the Re-check Now button

Next, you click the re-check now button to accelerate your website to be registered with CloudFlare network.

Well that is the five steps to setting Cloudflaremu to your website domain. For further inquiries please contact us by email at [email protected] and see other tutorials here.

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